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    Asian Exhibitions Recap

    After taking the first phase of training off from Team Canada, Miranda returned to her national team side for the second phase and traveled with the team to Asia for a series of exhibition games in China and Japan.

    The team that represented Canada in Asia was a mix of a few veteran athletes alongside some younger players as other Team Canada vets took the second phase off.

    Team Canada, unfortunately, lost all four games against their Asian opponents as both China and Japan were gearing up for the 2018 Asian Games.

    Miranda started all four games in Asia, averaging 25 minutes per game. She also led the team in scoring in 3 out of the 4 games, with a combined 60 points on the trip.

    You can view complete stats and photos from all four games in their respective section of this website.

    Lastly, you can watch the replay of three of the games below:

    August 1 vs. China

    August 3 vs. China

    August 7 vs. Japan

    Next up for Miranda is rejoining Team Canada at the end of this month for a last phase of training before exhibition games in the USA and France before the Women’s World Cup in Spain.

    Good luck to Miranda and Team Canada!

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