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Why I Gave Up Netflix

I’ve struggled with the Wi-fi in my house for the past year and a half. Yes, a year and a half. I’ve had repairmen come and go, intruding on my off days and afternoons, while I’ve twiddled my thumbs…


Changing Lenses: How to see the world from another point of view

In the western world, we’ve gravitated towards a hyper-individualized culture. In many ways, this has been an improvement: we pay more attention to mental health, work-life balance and self-actualization. Somewhere along the way, however, in realizing that our needs…


Mindfulness practices for high-performance

The most frustrating part of striving for excellence in high-pressure situations is that, take away the stress, we are totally capable of the task! Let’s use a sporting example: If we take a basketball practice with shots of varying…