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Belief in the impossible (or simply, the next step)

In anticipation of writing this blog, I looked up the definition of belief. I’m not sure what I was expecting as far as wording goes, but likely something more inspirational. That’s not what I found. Belief is defined as…


How to become more than “Ball is Life”

Applicable, coincidentally, for non-ballers too… For as long as I’ve been able to hold some philosophical thoughts in my head, my life mantra has been balance. However, contrary to how one might instinctively interpret the word – envisioning a…


Against Empathy

Empathy is trendy. It’s “in” be socially aware, involved and philanthropic. In cases like these, trendy doesn’t take on a negative connotation. It’s like the yoga and fitness movement: it can be annoyingly shallow and debase the fundamental goodness…


No Logo

Taking a look at No Logo by Naomi Klein I first realized the importance of forewords a few years ago. I’ve always been an avid reader, but only over the past several years have I been delving into non-fiction books…


In the Company of Women

Taking a look at In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney Coffee table books are enjoying resurgence. They’ve been around for years in some form or another, but they are especially hip(ster) nowadays. With large glossy pages meticulously arranged,…