First Half of Season Wrap Up

Basket Landes wrapped up their 2016 schedule last weekend with a strong win over Lyon. 

The team finished with an overall record of 11-7, including LFB regular season, Eurocup group and France Cup games.

In the first half, Miranda has played in 16 games this season while averaging 24 minutes per game. She has also scored a total of 164 points, averaging 9 points a game.

BL is currently in 3rd place in the LFB regular season standings — although the club has played one less game in the first half due to scheduling (they will play Week 12 match vs. Hainaut on February 1).  The teams ahead of them in the standings have more points due to their additional game.

In Euro Cup action, however, after a string of unfortunate losses in November; Basket Landes has not advanced to the Round of 16 after wrapping up their last group game at home with a tough 2 point defeat vs. Fribourg on December 14.

Miranda’s overall stats at the break are:

The team resumes games after the holidays on January 7th and 11th when they take on Tarbes twice in LFB regular season and France Cup matchups.

Happy Holidays!

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