Fixtures Announced and Second Preseason Tourney

Fixtures have just been announced for the upcoming TKB2L season in Turkey.

The season will begin on October 13, 2012 with 30 teams competing in 3 different groups.

The league is set up as a double-circuit, as regular season begins with the 10 teams in each group facing each other.  The top 6 from each group will then advance to the second stage where the 18 teams will be redrawn into 3 groups.

The 6 teams will then play each other with the top 2 advancing into the final stage.

Miranda’s team, Orduspor, has been drawn into Group B.

Their weekly fixtures are as follow:

Week 1: Orduspor – Izmir BSB
Week 2: Anadolu University – Orduspor
Week 3: Orduspor – Olive Bld.
Week 4: Ace Istanbul – Orduspor
Week 5: Orduspor – Nevsehir University.
Week 6: Harranspor – Orduspor
Week 7: Bursa BSB. – Orduspor
Week 8: Orduspor – Ormanspor
Week 9: Mersin University. – Orduspor

Exact dates of games each week have not been confirmed yet.  More to follow.

In other news, Orduspor will be taking part in a second preseason tournament at the beginning of October.

(Translated and edited into English from Turkish original)

The Cankaya University Tournament will be held again this year, taking place October 3-5 with Edirnespor, Altay Konak and Orduspor joining the hosts.

Matches will take place at Cankaya University in Ankara, Turkey.

Tournament Schedule:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
16:00 Edirnespor vs. Cankaya
18:00 Altay Konak vs. Orduspor

Thursday, October 4, 2012
16:00 Altay Konak vs. Cankaya
18:00 Orduspor vs. Edirnespor

Friday, October 5, 2012
12:00 Cankaya vs. Orduspor
14:00 Edirnespor vs. Altay Konak

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