2012 Olympics Results Summary

Team Canada finished in the Top 8 at the 2012 London Olympics—the first time our women’s team have qualified for the Olympic Games since Sydney in 2000.  In their quarterfinal match-up, the team faced the juggernaut American side that ultimately captured their 5th consecutive gold medal.

Below is a brief summary of Canada’s games at London 2012.

Preliminary Stage:

July 28:
Canada 53 – Russia 58 (L)
Leading scorer: Kim Smith

July 30:
Canada 73 – Great Britain 65 (W)
Leading scorer: Shona Thorburn

August 1:
Canada 60 – France 64 (L)
Leading scorer: Shona Thorburn

August 3:
Canada 79 – Brazil 73 (W)
Leading scorer: Courtnay Pilypaitis

August 5:
Canada 63 – Australia 72 (L)
Leading scorer: Kim Smith


August 7:

Canada 48 – USA 91 (L)
Leading scorer: Kim Smith




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